If you or a family member has ever been arrested, you will find that going through the court system can be very long and scary. There are many things that happen that you will not know anything about and you can become very confused. Obtaining the service of an attorney is the first thing you will need to do in order to get through it quickly. Your attorney will represent you in court and can help to set any bail amount that may be required for your case. After the bail amount has been set, they can recommend companies that will help you to put the bail money up.

Finding a Company to Work With

The 24-hour bonding company you use depends on the amount of the bail you need and what their requirements are for the bond. Typically, they will require proof of your address and employment information. If they find that they need to have another person put on the bond with you, you will need to have their information also. These services are always available, and you can contact them at any time. Before issuing any bond, they will let you know what their policies are in regard to repayment of the bond and what will happen if it is not repaid. Your attorney will guide you through this process as well.

What is a Bail Bond?

Bail bonds are monies that are paid to the court by a company on your behalf. They post the bail for you which is their guarantee that you will show up in court for your hearing. These companies have typically worked with many people and know how to pay the bail and get you out of jail in a very short amount of time. Since they are a twenty-four-hour service, they have agents always available. You will have to provide them with proof that you are able to repay the bond within a period of time they have set.

How to Repay Your Bail Bond

Most of these companies will have websites where you can repay your bond to them. They will take most major credit cards. The Bondsman Gwinnett County companies have set up accounts for all of their clients where repayment is made very easy. The Bondsman keeps track of all payments and any client who has not made their payment in the time allotted will get a notice from them. They could also revoke their bond in court which would mean that you will be returned to jail. 

When families find they are in need of a bail bond, they will often find that the bail amount is much higher than they can afford. At these times, they will need to secure the services of a bonding company in order to get their family member out of jail. If the bonding company has no way of securing the money that is paid, they will often put a lien against any real property that is owned by you or your family.