If you do not want to spend the entire time waiting to go to court in jail, you will need to make bail. Often, it may take months for a case to go to trial. If you do not post bail, you will spend the entire time in jail. Bail is made so that you will come back to the court, and not take off. 

How Does Bail Work? 

Basically, you will pay money to the court either in money or in real property. The court will keep the money or property until the case goes to trial. If you go by all the rules of your release and you go to your court hearing, your bail will be refunded. However, if you skip out on a court date, violate any release conditions, or if you disappear altogether, your bail will be revoked, and you will not receive any money or property back. If anyone has helped you with posting bail, including a bondsman, they will lose that money. 

How Is the Bail Amount Determined? 

Bail will need to be high enough to ensure that you come back for the trial. However, you are within your rights to protest an excessively high bail. Your lawyer can help you with protesting an excessively high bail as can Gwinnett County bonding companies. 

There are a lot of areas that use bail schedules. These are preset prices for different charges. For example, a charge of simple theft may be around $10,000. For crimes like manslaughter, you can expect the bond to be around $100,000.

If you want to get out of jail quickly, you will have to pay the scheduled bail amount. The officials at the jail will not be able to deviate from this amount. If you wait for a judge, you will find that they can set the bail at any amount that they deem necessary. They can even decide to let you out of jail without paying bail. This is called a release on one’s own recognizance. This usually happens on lesser charges. In cases with more severity, judges may decide not to grant bond at all. 
Before you go to your bail bonds Lawrenceville GA and get bail, you will need to go through the bail hearing with the judge. The judge will look at the circumstances surrounding your case. They will consider factors like: 

• The seriousness of the crime. 
• Your criminal record, 
• Your financial record. 
• Whether you are a danger to others. 
• Whether or not you will flee before the trial. 

All these factors will be considered before you will be given your bail amount. Do not be surprised if you see someone get a lower or higher bail for the same crime you have committed. Judges will take into consideration all the above factors for each individual person. 

Options for Posting Bail

Once your bail is set, you will need to post your bail. This happens by paying the bail, to the court, giving the court interest in real property, or going to a bail bondsman who will post bail for you. Typically, most people will not have the money on them to pay the court outright and may be a bit scared to put up real property. This is where a bail bondsman comes in. You simply pay the bondsman the fee, which is usually non-refundable, and they get you out of jail. You must make sure that you go to your court case, or you will end up owning the bail bondsman the entire amount. 

How to Find a Bail Bondsman

If you have found yourself in trouble with the law, you will need to find a bail bondsman that can help you to get out of jail. You do not want to sit in jail the entire time, waiting for your court case. In fact, some cases take months to go to court, and you do not want to sit in jail for months. In order to find Gwinnett County bail bonds, you will need to do some research. Find a bail bondsman in the area that is well experienced in getting people out of jail. Ask for their fees and ask them what you will have to do to get out of jail. If you cannot call them, have a family member do so for you. The quicker that you get the process started, the quicker you will get out of jail. 

If you have found yourself in jail, remember that you do have the right to get out on bail. Take your time. And find a bondsman that can help you.